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When first we saw the Blackview Smartphone range, we immediately recognised a well-designed product, robust enough and suited to the requirements of Africa and all this at an affordable price.

The Blackview range has been tried and tested worldwide by various panels of Smartphone groups and their verdict is unanimous: “Blackview compares most favourably with any of the well know brands on the market”.

In many instances, Blackview actually outperforms many of the well known brands with our true HD (@ 1080p) screen quality.

The Blackview devices are both stylish and durable, and moreover they are quality devices that allows users to access all of the Applications available on any other Android device, (Whatsapp, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or simply surf the Internet) and is now within financial reach of everyone who aspires to a Smart Phone.

Our devices offer the opportunity for our users to make the use of Smart Phones simple and fun.